September 16, 2017

Recreational Activities for Seniors

As the human body ages with time, it begins to be more sluggish compared to how it used to while young. Basic actions that the body could execute become much harder to do, but that does not mean one has to live a sedentary life just because old age has kicked in. There are still some activities out there that a senior can engage in to keep a good healthy, active and social life; these are highlighted in this article.

1. Outdoors

By getting outside, the body gets access to fresh air vital for bodily functions. A senior can participate in activities like picnics, fishing at a near by pond or stream, and watching birds at the comfort of a porch. These easy leisure activities like bird watching encourages relaxation as one watches the beautiful plumage of birds as they chirp all day long.

2. Puzzles

Engaging the brain a lot once the body clocks old age can be arduous, but there are good basic puzzle games meant for senior people that experience finite mobility. These games are good as they engage the brain and can assist with memory. Here are some puzzles that help with memory.

3. Visitation

Every individual ages differently with distinct intellectual capabilities and most of the time seniors might not be interested in the elderly games that others might enjoy on a daily basis which involve some brain computing power. An elder can decide to join a seniors clique in the locale. This can be an ideal platform to get to meet new individuals who might share similar interests as they participate in other friendly activities. It’s never too late to make new acquaintance so get out there and build connections.

4. Games

When elderly games are mentioned, most will automatically visualize bingo and bridge. Well their are other fantastic games geared towards the elderly and these encompass games like senior moments, Trivial Pursuit, Sense It and the well known Scrabble. So pop out the board and let the games begin.

5. Arts & Crafts

Every person engages in arts and craft at one point in their lives. These recreation can be done by most seniors as a good and active way to pass time. Popular recreations like ceramics which can be performed while seated can be done by the elderly allowing them to tap into their creative side fabricating wonderful art pieces they can pass down to their close family members as presents. Knitting, scrap booking, and sewing are other recreations the seniors can engage in too without straining them selves.

So there you have it, a commentary that offers a glimpse to some recreational activities quintessential for seniors.

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September 12, 2017

The Cleanest Pets to Bring into Your Home

Everyone wants to keep a home clean from all kinds of mess—clean-up has never been considered as an enjoyable chore to repeat for several times a day, and it quite exhausting to do so, admittedly. Sometimes, those who have been considering bringing home a cute pet to take care of have hesitations. I wouldn’t blame them. Concerns about upkeep and maintenance will always be at the top of the list, and even you, as an interested reader, would most likely agree with me when I say that the animals who can take care of themselves on a decent level are more preferred to those who are messy and require constant surveillance.

To give you an idea on some of the cleanest pets which can fit into the role of being your next perfect buddy, here are some creatures that could make the cut:


Their constant vigilance on licking themselves clean is already a clue in itself. You might think that cat baths are dirty as a whole but in contrast, these are not. Plus, as long as they are trained to go to their litter box as soon as they feel that something is coming up—or down—then you as an owner would have no problem with their mess.


They stay in one location and don’t roam the house to cause havoc. Fish may not be the most sociable of pets, but looking at them causes a sense of relaxation and enjoyment that many of us would find enjoyable. Plus, as long as they would have a decent supply of oxygen and food, you would not need to worry about anything else. If the fish tank has the luxury of having a filter, clean-up can be done at least once a month.

Leopard Geckos

Maybe they are not your typical pets, but leopard geckos are absolutely easy to take care of. They do require meals of small animals such as crickets or worms, but they only require a small space to live in and they’ll do all right. Adding to the fact that they don’t need to eat every day, they also designate an area in their aquarium or small space as their bathroom, so clean-up can be done in a breeze as well.

No matter what you would decide to bring home, keep in mind that proper care and nourishment is still much more important than the concern on cleanliness. All of us create waste, and it is up to us to be responsible in taking care of our pets in all manners possible.

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